Flying Field

Where are you located?

SIRS flying field is located in McLean southwest of Bloomington/Normal off of I55 and Historic U.S. Route 66 just northwest of Funks Grove Nature Preserve. 2013 was the first season at our new field.

How do I get there?

Find us via Google Maps or Bing

What are your geographic coordinates?

Latitude(φ): 40° 22′ 12″ N
Longitude(λ): 89° 9′ 2″ W
Elevation(above sea level): 660ft

What’s your address?

If you are using a GPS navigation system (e.g., Garmin, Magellian, or TomTom) try the following. Depending on your model, one of these addresses should work.
6000 N 600 East Rd
McLean, IL 61754
6000 County Road 600 N
McLean, IL 61754
The intersection of:
N 600 East Rd & County Road 600 N
McLean, IL 61754

What are the flying field rules?

SIRS Flying Rules